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BMUC 3 :: Siemens Desiro Stock Pack - DOWNLOAD

BMUC 3 :: Making Tracks continue our Multiple Unit collections with the Siemens Desiro™ range of UK Multiple Unit, includes a custom sound set for both Diesel and Electric variants.

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 The base pack comes supplied with 4 fully working models as pictured above ...

  • Class 185 Trans-pennine DMU in base blue "interim delivery" livery.
  • Class 350 West AC/DC EMU in shared pool livery.
  • Class 360/1 Great Eastern AC EMU in debranded GE livery.
  • Class 360/2 Heathrow AC EMU.

Expansion Packs

Expansion Packs featuring other liveries are available now free of charge which add other prototypical liveries.

'Diesel Units' Pack

  • 1 x Class 185 in First Transpennine Express 'Barbie' livery.
  • 1 x Class 185 in First Transpennine Express 'Dynamic Lines' livery.

'Overhead Electrics' Pack

  • 1 x Class 360/1 in First Great Eastern livery.
  • 1 x Class 360/1 in National Express East Anglia 'Ghost' livery.
  • 1 Class360/2 in Heathrow Connect livery.
  • 1 x Class 350 in london:midland Green livery.

'3rd Rail Electrics' Pack

  • 2 x Class 450 South West Trains in 'Suburban blue' livery (includes 450015 'DESIRO').
  • 2 x Class 444 South West Trains in 'Long Distance white' livery (includes 444018 'THE FAB 444').

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